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I have installed coverage-2.85 version, but I need coverage-3.0.1

I have last version of portage.

[I] dev-python/coverage
     Available versions:  2.77 2.85 {test}
     Installed versions:  2.85(12:52:43 PM 08/10/2009)(-test)
     Description:         Measures code coverage during Python execution

coverage-3.0.1 - is unavailable even masked.

How can I install this?

I'm beginner in gentoo, please help me with creating ebuild overlay, for this package.

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If it's not in Portage then it means that nobody has created and QA'ed an ebuild for it yet.

I would suggest:

  1. Create your own ebuild and install it from a local overlay for now.
  2. File a bug for it's inclusion in Portage. If you can include an ebuild and details about it's stability then it should speed up the process.
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You can install packages from PyPI using Python's setuptools. First, emerge setuptools:

$ emerge -av dev-python/setuptools

Then, as root, you can run easy_install to install coverage:

$ easy_install coverage

Note that with previous versions of coverage I was having issues because for some reason /usr/bin/coverage was being loaded when Python files were importing it. In order to get around this, I renamed /usr/bin/coverage to /usr/bin/coverage-bin or something similar.

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Thank you! It work. But this isn't Gentoo way! :) – dixon Aug 18 '09 at 10:04
That's true, but I find many Python packages which are useful but don't have an ebuild maintainer. That's why I end up using a mixture of both portage and setuptools for Python packages. I haven't shot myself in the foot yet! :P – Mike Mazur Sep 6 '09 at 13:48

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