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Is there a tool which allows me to view the parameters of an existing private/public key used for DNSSEC in Bind 9?

I've been unable to determine simple things such as the expiration date, the algorithm, key strength, zone name for key, etc.

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Your question could mean two things. Are you wanting to check the parameters for a remote server, or one which you have the private and public key files for?

Also note, DNSSEC keys don't actually have expiration dates. Signatures do. The expiration date of a key is a concept that many DNS server implementations have created, and is part of their key management system.

Signature expiration times are easy to read from the output of dig +dnssec, as they are in YYYYMMDDhhmmss format. Extracting the key algorithm and length from the dnskey record is a bit harder using dig as it does not convert "5" to "RSASHA1" for instance.

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