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We are implementing a pseudo-Platform as a Service environment. It's a fairly simple set up that parallels Infrastructure as a Service: basically our clients will each have a access to their own servers, we will maintain the OSes while our clients will have limited access to the OS. Due to...reasons we cannot allow the clients full local administrator access to the servers, but they should have full access to the web hosting tools within (IIS, SQL Server etc). I am fully aware of how convoluted this setup is, but these decisions are made way above my head and my voice has been heard and ignored in the matter.

The problem:

Is it possible to give non-local administrators administrative access to IIS manager (The whole IIS Manager, not just delegate the sites)? If so, how?


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I think the following article will show you how to configure delegation at the host level.

This type of functionality would be nice for those who still have to manage legacy IIS too.

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That walkthrough only lets you set up delegation on a site level, nothing about the entire host. Further it is only for remote administration, that is, I wouldn't be able to open IIS manager on the server itself. –  Snowburnt Sep 17 '13 at 15:29

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