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I have 1 user logging onto a Server 2003 machine. They can logon, but if they try to access their documents that are saved on the server, they cannot always get access. I have replaced NIC cables, set a new machine, etc. Sometimes she is able to access her documents, but will be disconnected at random. This is even occurring after a completely new machine was set up for her. No one else is having this issue.

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You'll need to supply lots more detail if you want this question to remain open. For example: What happens when they fail to get access to their documents? What do the ACLs on those files look like? Is it always the same files affected? What rights does the user have on the server? Are they logging onto the server directly or mapping a drive/going to a UNC path. –  Chris McKeown Sep 5 '13 at 21:26
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