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I have a server with a raid controller on which I use raid 1 and two hard disks with linux. Yesterday one of the disks failed. Then I delete in raid's controller interface the raid 1 array (my fault). After I cloned the working disk to a new one and made the array again, I cannot boot to linux and I get an EFI shell 1.10 environment with device mapping table message, which I see for first time and it stays there not booting to linux.

On BIOS i see 2 booting options, EFI and the other disk which i have the data, so i have checked EFI.

In LSI Raid controller interface i have enabled the boot option for this array but nothing.

How can i make my linux boot again like before?

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"After I cloned the working disk to a new one" what do you mean by cloning? You should have just replace the faulty disk and start rebuilding in raid bios/from command line. Which type of OS/distro are you using? –  ALex_hha Sep 6 '13 at 10:00
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