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I'd like to user 'error.html' for any error IIS may encounter.

If i state the following block in my webconfig the site refuses to run.

<httpErrors errorMode="DetailedLocalOnly" existingResponse="Replace" defaultPath="/error.html" defaultResponseMode="ExecuteURL">
    <remove statusCode="500" subStatusCode="-1" />
    <remove statusCode="404" subStatusCode="-1" />
	<remove statusCode="403" subStatusCode="-1" />
	<remove statusCode="401" subStatusCode="-1" />
	<error statusCode="401" prefixLanguageFilePath="" path="/401.html" responseMode="ExecuteURL" />
    <error statusCode="403" prefixLanguageFilePath="" path="/403.html" responseMode="ExecuteURL" />
    <error statusCode="404" prefixLanguageFilePath="" path="/404.html" responseMode="ExecuteURL" />
    <error statusCode="500" prefixLanguageFilePath="" path="/500.html" responseMode="ExecuteURL" />

Notice the Attribute defaultPath="/error.html" in the root element.

I'm getting the following error

HTTP-Fehler 500.19 - Internal Server Error
Konfigurationsfehler: Sperrverletzung

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Edit %windir%\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config

Set the Line:

<httpErrors lockAttributes="allowAbsolutePathsWhenDelegated,defaultPath">


<httpErrors lockAttributes="allowAbsolutePathsWhenDelegated">
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did not fix it for me. –  Veverke Mar 11 at 16:56

Try use the IIS 7 Manager to set this properly. Also, you could maybe do this:

    <customErrors mode="On" defaultRedirect="~/error.html">
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This is for the asp.net config, which works under iis 6 too, right? In IIS 7 is a new Module CustomErrorModule, which works for all errors, not just for Errors generated by asp.net. In short: your solution configures the error handling of asp.net and mine configures error handling of IIS 7 –  Fabian Sep 9 '09 at 8:23

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