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Where do I configure the time postfix waits until it tries to resend an email from the queue if an email was grey-listed on the recipient side?

I would like to configure it, so my server tries to resend the email after 2 Minutes if it was greylisted.

If the mail is in the queue for another reason, it can be longer.

Or is it the receiving server that defines the delay-time?

Also I would like to know How long are the default times for greylisting?

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Are you asking if there is a way of having a variable delay between resend attempts based on the reject reason? I don't think that's currently possible but my knowledge of Postfix is not complete in this regard. – Ladadadada Sep 9 '13 at 16:22

Check your settings for minimal_backoff_time, maximum_backoff_time and queue_run_delay.

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