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I am stuck in this issue:

I have a new server which i access thru ssh, using PuTTy. In Configuration, i need to select which ssh shell i need in order to access the server with ssh.



If i choose /bin/sh, I dont have the some permissions e.g. to install setuptools of python, If I choose /bin/bash(chrooted), I dont have python and if I python it says: command not found.

I am using Debian 7,

what should i do?

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What do you mean by "In Configuration"? Who is asking you to make this choice? By "server", do you mean an account on a hosting provider, or do you really have control over the whole server? – 200_success Sep 8 '13 at 18:57
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What's the purpose of the server ?

Do you want users to have limited access or not ?

In you want to use it as a normal server it's better to use bash. Chroot is actually a stripped environment ( Used in cases that you want users to access only a few commands and just that {for example in gateways}

It highly depends on what you want to do. The default /general behavior is to choose /bin/bash

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thanks, this helped me. – doniyor Sep 8 '13 at 15:04

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