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My company has been working on finding the best way to archive emails from our exchange server in our particular environment. We are currently using Exchange 2007, but are curious if Exchange 2013 could help us with our archiving goals, or if anybody has any other suggestions.

Our goal is to have one “historical” mailbox that holds all content sent/received prior to a specified date, and one “archive” mailbox that automatically archives all incoming/outgoing content in real-time. Third-party software that we already had in place currently handles the archive mailbox portion of this for us by proactively moving all content in the Journal mailbox to a central archive and then clearing out the Journal mailbox, but it cannot help us with the historical mailbox portion.


  1. For the historical mailbox, is there a way within Exchange 2013 to easily take all of the content sent/received prior to a specified date from ALL employee mailboxes and move it into the inbox of a mailbox created specifically for that purpose (historicalmailarchive@company.com, for example)? This is what we have been attempting to do in Exchange 2007, but the export-mailbox cmdlet keeps the employee mailbox sub-folder structure intact during the export rather than extracting all messages from all folders and placing them all in the root inbox of the historical archive mailbox, which then requires a lot of manual work on our end – it also requires us to perform the export one mailbox at a time.

  2. Will Exchange 2013 support a native central archive mailbox that proactively imports content (or has content exported to it) from the Journal mailbox and then clears out the Journal mailbox?


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