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I am trying pkgng to install postfix.

# pkg install postfix
Updating repository catalogue
Repository catalogue is up-to-date, no need to fetch fresh copy
pkg: Package 'postfix' was not found in the repositories

But it seems the default configuration doesn't search precompiled ports collection on FreeBSD site. How can I make it to install from remote site?

I am using FreeBSD 9.

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I think this thread may help a bit. Basically, add the pkg-test repo to your pkg config.

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FreeBSD suspended pkg repository due to a security issue.

Availability of binary pkgs for Download

While pkg works just fine with ports as the local package management tool, it ultimately allows to skip ports and use remote binary packages.

As a consequence of the security incident on 11th November 2012, for the time being pre-compiled packages for pkgng are not available from any official FreeBSD repository. The test repository contains only a copy of pkg-1.0.X.txz in order to facilitate the bootstrap procedure for enabling pkgng on a new system.

Package build clusters are now setup and running weekly. Packages should be available for the FreeBSD 10 release.

In the mean time, pkg users who wish to have binary packages are advised to investigate tools such as poudriere or tinderbox.

We I think the only way is just waiting for FreeBSD 10 release.

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