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Is there another way to determine the SCSI ID when trying to setup the friendly name in multipath.conf? I executed the command multipath –ll –v2 and didn’t see the new slice we had setup (after executing iscsiadm --mode discovery --type sendtargets --portal <IP:PORT> of course). So I did an ls –lart /dev/s* and found the scsi device with the latest date and time. I then did scsi_id –g –u –s /block/sxxx where sxxx is the device ID from the previous step. Once I got the SCSI ID, I was able to edit multipath.conf, add a friendly name, and restart multipathd. I then executed multipath –ll –v2 and saw the device listed and I was able to run parted and format the partition.

Note, doing the ls stuff isn't mentioned in the Marshall paper on iscsi so I just want to make sure my procedures are sound.

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