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I am trying to set up a VPN remote access with a Cisco ASDM 6.4 for ASA 5505 Version 8.2(5).

In order to set up the VPN I followed this steps. After this steps my info look like this:

VPN Tunnel Interface: outside
PPP authentication: MS-CHAP-V1 MS-CHAP-V2
IPsec authentication uses pre-shared key: MyKey
Tunnel Group Name: DefaultRAGroup
Default Group Policy: DefaultRAGroup
User authentication using local user database
New users created in the local database: MyUser
Pool of IP addresses for VPN clients: VPN-Pool ( -
IKE policy Encryption / Authentication / Diffie-Hellman Group: 3DES /SHA/Group 2
Internal network elements expesed to remote VPN users without NAT: any
Split tunneling: disabled
Perfect Forwards Secrecy (PFS): disabled

Then I tested the VPN using a Cisco VPN Client. In the VPN client I use this info:

Host: The public IP where I want to connect
User: DefaultRAGroup
Pass: MyKey

When I try to connect I get this message:

the remote peer is no longer responding reason 412

In the firewall I found that the 500 UDP port was closed and it was blocking those packages. I open that UDP Port but I am still getting that message.

Any advice to solve this problem will be much appreciated!

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What firewall is in front of your VPN endpoint? – Tom O'Connor Sep 13 '13 at 15:19
In the endpoint I have a router Linksys E25000 – Ignacio Gómez Sep 13 '13 at 15:21
Ah. The thing is, IPsec relies on protocol 50, which runs directly atop IP.. So the chances are, that your Linksys isn't allowing protocol 50 traffic through the router. – Tom O'Connor Sep 13 '13 at 21:31

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