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Im new using KVM as a virtualization solution. Currently I'm using VirtualBox to manage my virtual machines in my personal computer, but I'm moving my virtualization to a Server, so I set up a Linux server with KVM. And now I'm trying to import a virtualBox vm to KVM.

So far I couldn't make it work. I already convert the ova file from VirtualBox to a format more familiar to KVM (qcow2), and I try to create a new virtual machine using virt-install command and setting the new virtual machine hard drive with the .qcow2 file.

There is anyone could help me?

thank you!

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Nobody will be able to help you unless your provide some details. What virt-install command did you run? How is it failing? – 200_success Sep 13 '13 at 18:02
What is target distribution? – GioMac Sep 14 '13 at 1:15

If you want to manually create the domain XML file, just create a new domain xml. Here's an Example domain XML configuration (the second one) from Fedora project.

Or you can use the GUI tool named virt-manager to import the converted qcow2 file step by step. Please install this tool via command sudo yum install virt-manager if using RHEL/Fedora

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