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I made a few changes to sshd_config now I am unable to login via ssh but able to login in webamin on CentOS 6 based VPS.

The problem is with root as well as user.

I reversed the changes in sshd_config and restarted sshd but no help.

Can anyone let me know how to start ssh and ftp login again without affecting webamin.

The error I get after entering password for ssh is: Permission denied, please try again.

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what changes you did in your ssh config file can you paste here sshd_config here. – Abhishek Anand Amralkar Sep 15 '13 at 6:29
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Check the logs on the server - they should provide much more detail than the Permission denied error you are seeing on the client.

  • Debian: /var/log/auth.log
  • CentOS: /var/log/secure
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