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I started using Autom8 to add new graphs according to my conditions (Cacti CLI tools: List present graphs per host) but I found out to have Autom8 do that on its own the data query must be reindexed for a given host.

And now I have for hundreds of devices set that as "Uptime goes backwards" but this won't recache on an interface that comes live, only if, say, the host reboots which is highly unlikely.

I already changed the default reindex method in the global settings but that doesn't change the existing hosts.

Now I saw someone suggest I can delete and re-add the data query on a host with the new method but that's not feasible It has to be done on hundreds of devices, so how can I do it programatically, scripted or through settings?

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OK I've found forums.cacti.net/post-64589.html (pretty old considering) So the question remains if there's a structured/reliable/supported solution –  Recc Sep 16 '13 at 15:31
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