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I'm trying to configure varnish not to cache any domain that begins with "staging" using the pass method like so:

if( req.url ~ "^(staging.)" )

I suspect I'm using VCL selectors wrong but after looking around on the n

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If you'd like Varnish "not to cache" and "not to look up in the cache", then the following should work...

# not to look up in the cache
sub vcl_recv {
  if( ~ "^staging" ) {
    return( pass );

  # other directives

# not to cache
sub vcl_fetch {
  if( ~ "^staging" ) {
    return( hit_for_pass );

For more info, checkout a similar solution from the official book on Varnish.

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req.url doesn't have that information. Try using req.http.Host instead?

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Tried that as well with: if (req.http.Host ~ "^(staging.)^") { return (pass); } Still no luck. – Will Sep 17 '13 at 0:40
@Will it should be if (req.http.Host ~ "^(staging.)") { return (pass); } . There is an extra ^ symbol in it. Please check my alternative answer to see if that helps! – Pothi Sep 17 '13 at 1:47

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