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We wanted to install the "lsscsi" package on all our Linux Servers and build a manifest for it:

# pack_lsscsi.pp

class common::pack_lsscsi  {

        case $operatingsystem {
                RedHat, CentOS, Debian: {
                        package { 'lsscsi':
                                ensure  => 'installed',

The "lsscsi" Package has only "libc6" as a dependency - so a no brainer at all. All went fine on our Red Hat and CentOS servers, but some Debian systems went crazy. Puppet removed between 10 and 180 packages, like on this one:

Sep 17 10:46:06 cacti01 puppet-agent[28008]
(/Stage[main]/Common::Pack_lsscsi/Package[lsscsi]/ensure) change from purged
to present failed: Execution of '/usr/bin/aptitude -y -o
DPkg::Options::=--force-confold install lsscsi' returned 255: Reading package
lists...#012Building dependency tree...#012Reading state information...#012Reading
extended state information...#012Initializing package states...#012Writing extended
state information...#012The following NEW packages will be installed:#012  lsscsi
#012The following packages will be REMOVED:#012  alien{u} apt-file{u} ash{u} at{u}
autopoint{u} biff{u} bin86{u} bison{u} #012  bwidget{u} checkpolicy{u} cramfsprogs{u}
curl{u} dbus{u} debhelper{u} #012  deborphan{u} dhcp-client{u} doc-linux-de{u}
dosfstools{u} dselect{u} #012  ethtool{u} fdutils{u} finger{u} flex{u} flip{u}
gcc-3.4-base{u} gdb{u} #012  gdbserver{u} gettext{u} gnu-efi{u} gnupg-doc{u}
hicolor-icon-theme{u} #012  html2text{u} hwdata{u} ifenslave{u} ifenslave-2.6{u}
intltool-debian{u} #012  iptraf{u} joe{u} kernel-package{u} language-env{u}
lgtoclnt{u} #012  libappconfig-perl{u} libapt-pkg-perl{u} libatk1.0-0{u}
libatk1.0-data{u} #012  libaudit0{u} libavahi-client3{u} libavahi-common-data{u}
#012  libavahi-common3{u} libbeecrypt6{u} libbind9-50{u} #012  libcompress-raw-zlib-
perl{u} libcompress-zlib-perl{u} #012  libconfig-file-perl{u} libcroco3{u} libcrypt-
ssleay-perl{u} libcups2{u} #012  libcurl3{u} libdb1-compat{u} libdb4.2{u} libdbus-1-
3{u} #012  libdigest-hmac-perl{u} libdigest-sha1-perl{u} libdirectfb-1.0-0{u} #012
libdns58{u} libdrm-intel1{u} libdrm-radeon1{u} libdrm2{u} libelf1{u} #012  libfam0{u}
libfam0c102{u} libfile-remove-perl{u} libfont-afm-perl{u} #012  libfs6{u} libgl1-mesa-
dri{u} libgl1-mesa-glx{u} libglade2-0{u} #012  libglu1-mesa{u} libgtk2.0-0{u}
libgtk2.0-bin{u} libgtk2.0-common{u} #012  libhtml-format-perl{u} libhtml-parser-
perl{u} libhtml-tagset-perl{u} #012  libhtml-tree-perl{u} libice6{u} libident{u}
libio-compress-base-perl{u} #012  libio-compress-zlib-perl{u} libio-stringy-perl{u}
Sep 17 10:46:09 cacti01 puppet-agent[28008]: Finished catalog run in 54.68 seconds

Any idea how that could happen?


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Which Debian release do you use? Maybe this is an older release (like lenny) which needs to be upgraded to a current release. –  deagh Sep 17 '13 at 14:48
Or maybe the apt sources or pinning got configured incorrectly. –  Zoredache Sep 17 '13 at 16:38
We use Debian Squeeze. /etc/apt/sources.list identical on all servers, pointing to our own Debian Mirror. This happend to about 1/10 of all our Debian servers. That's what puzzles me. –  user190307 Sep 18 '13 at 5:57
can you show what an "apt-cache policy lsscsi" shows, as well as "cat /etc/debian_release". Also a pastbin of /var/log/dpkg.log may help show the history of package changes on the system helping to track down the cause. –  Steven Williamson Dec 18 '13 at 18:49
I find it helps with debugging to try to the aptitude command outside of puppet with simulate/verbose to see the actual output from apt. "aptitude --verbose --simulate install lsscsi" –  shtuff.it Jan 17 '14 at 16:36

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