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I want to monitor my WAN speed between two offices, and be able to schedule it to run at certain times of the day.

I guess in its simplest form this is just a point to point copy, but I want to automate it so I can schedule it to run at certain times.

Are there any tools out there? I also wondered about doing this with Powershell.

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If you just want to monitor latency, I'd suggest SmokePing for *nix, or PingMonitor for Windows. – Chris S Sep 17 '13 at 14:37

iperf is a great tool for testing bandwidth. It's natively a *nix application, but it looks like it has been ported to cygwin, so should be able to be run in windows as well.

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Don't forget PSPing.

It's a command-line tool, which makes it inherently automatable. Does latency and bandwidth tests. Written by the master NT geek.

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  • Ixia QCheck
  • SNMP monitoring at the endpoint routers
  • NetStress
  • NTttcp
  • SmokePing

etc. etc.

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