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I want to make a webapp running in a tomcat available under multiple contexts.


should also be available under


but I do not want to have a second web application (e.g. by duplicating the war file or symlinking)

Is there a way to create such an alias inside tomcat or do I have to use mod_rewrite in apache2? (I already use mod_jk)

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I never get such constructions working with links or duplicate the context configuration in tomcat. It produces internal errors in the webapp.

But you can use a ajp proxy in apache http configuration. This can provide the original context unter a new entry.

ProxyPass /original/ ajp://localhost:8010/original/
ProxyPass /test/ ajp://localhost:8010/original/

In my case unfortunately the webapps create links to the original context. So after some clicks the user step back to the original context again.

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This solution would go around my mod_jk configuration and talk to the ajp port directly, am I right? In this case this is not suitable for me because I want to control which tomcat instance is used via the configuration of mod_jk load balancing in my – Thomas Einwaller Sep 18 '13 at 14:41

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