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I have a Proliant DL380 G5 server with HP Smart Array P400 controller, the performance of the disk I/O is bad lately and I found out that during my research that I can improve it by enabling the write cache memory on the HP Smart Array P400 controller.

I also found out that in order to keep the data on the disks attached to the array safe in case of power failures or server hang-up, I will need to add a battery-backed write cache (BBWC) module.

I looked up the Smart Array spare part numbers here, but I got totally lost:

  • The memory boards read that there are 512 and 256 MB modules, is it safe to install the 512 and forget the 256 one? Knowing that my array have 256 MB total cache size in it.
  • I would assume that I need the Battery Cable and Battery Pack to be installed with with the memory board. Correct?
  • I couldn't find anything to show how the actually installation is done (step-by-step), can you provide any known link to do the job?


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I'm not good enough with parts to know what you have and what you need but installation is very simple. The flash looks like a chunky stick of RAM and will only fit one place on the board. Then, the battery has a long wire attached with a 3 pin adapter which connects the flash. You really can't go wrong. – Dan Sep 18 '13 at 10:20
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You need a 405148-B21, the 512MB one, yes it's safe and yes you need the cable and battery.

For instructions it's page 20 of THIS.

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You sir, are awesome. Thanks a million :) – Noor Khaldi Sep 18 '13 at 10:53

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