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I have a LDAP-Server that is running on Debian 6.0.7 Squeeze. The LDAP-Server is used for the user authentication and the sudo management of all other virtual servers in our network.

On a Debian 7 Wheezy client I installed the packages libpam-ldapd, libnss-ldapd, nslcd and sudo-ldap to set up the ldap login and sudo-ldap. LDAP-Login and Sudo-LDAP works very well without any problems.

The users are able to Log in, to perform sudo and to change their own password with the passwd command. But the root user is not able to change the other users password with passwd.

I did set up the correct rootpwmoddn and rootpwmodpw in the file /etc/nslcd.conf. When i try to change a users password as root I get asked for the LDAP administrator password altough i specified it in the file /etc/nslcd.conf.

I am able to Log in with the specified rootpwmoddn and rootpwmodpw in phpLDAPAdmin and change the passwords but not from the clients using SSH and passwd.

From other clients using Debian 6 Squeeze and libpam-ldap instead of libpam-ldapd and nscd instead of nslcd the password change with the root user works as well.

How can i fix this for the Debian 7 Wheezy client with libpam-ldapd and nslcd?

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