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My question is about a supported environment (by Vmware) useability, advantages and disadvantages of the following constellation, maybe a recommendation:

Due to changes in the infrastructure between the 6 global (worldwide) sites all locations should get an own Vmware Vcenter Server. The current situation is: 1 VCenter in the Headquarter managing all global ESX Clusters.

The idea of the team-leader: 1 VCenter per Site to reduce network traffic between HQ <-> Site and ease the administration of the Site's IT.

Disadvantages I know so far are:

  • 6x Support costs,
  • 6x Upgrade/License costs,
  • Feature loose,
  • Harder to administer / fast checkups by me (HQ)

Advantages I know so far are:

  • Reduced network traffic (slow VPN/MPLS lines)
  • Availability of DRS / HA during connection problems between Site <-> HQ,
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I've asked if such environment is even supported / possible and if it is recommended to have one central vcenter managing all clusters. I've asked everything in the first line and put information below... please read it more careful ... – Becks TibiaFun Sep 20 '13 at 16:42
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Of course it's supported :

You can move hosts between vCenters.

Yes, doing this increases the amount of management you have to do and reduces your flexibility. it does also decrease the amount of network traffic. You have to make the decision for your own environnment.

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Thanks, this helped me in my situation – Becks TibiaFun Sep 20 '13 at 22:14

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