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When vsphere 5 & ubuntu server 12.04 were first listed as OS compatibile, I installed it >> CATASTROPHE >> "this computer only has 1.1. gig - but it is something Ubuntu 10.04 does to fill up the disc space - that does not happen on Ubuntu 11.04>> told last year it may have something to do with the Ubuntu 11.04 GUI not upgrading properly with Ubuntu 12.04 >> told to wait to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04.

Last year, reboot made things even worse>> low graphics mode >> computer impossible to use >> nothing fixed it >> rollback to Ubuntu 11.04 was the only answer I got.

Now with esxi 5.1 [latest build] and Ubuntu 12.04 installed a week ago >> started with the same freezing of the mouse problem in Ubuntu - not vmware>> low graphics mode problem has returned even on support call vmware technician.

The vmware tech went in with putty to the backend of the esxi - said it is not a vsphere problem. The VMware is fine. The other VM os on this esxi5.1 are all server 2008 R2- no problems. The Ubuntu 11.04 is fine on vsphere 5.

When I reboot the Ubuntu, which I can only do from the vmware, the problem resolves temporarily. RIGHT NOW it is again stating there is low disk space as it did last year, but it was 2/3 free on a 175 gig partition yesterday and nothing has been added to the disk. My only two choices right now are:

  1. Roll back to Ubuntu 11.04 - no longer supported - wait until Ubuntu 13.04 LTS?
  2. Reload the Ubuntu 12.04 backup - which will only work temporarily until Ubuntu performs some action - GUI related? - that fills up the disk and shuts down the machine. . . waiting for the real fix. Dropping the Ubuntu 12.04 desktop environment GUI makes it impossible to use Ubuntu as I'm a web designer - not a programmer - and cannot effectively use the command line beyond simple commands.
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