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I am looking for some suggestions for hosting on IIS7 with sql server 2008. I am assuming within this price range for windows shared hosting will be the go although vps would be great.

We are looking to spend $20 - $40 dollars a month with preference for the following:

  • SQL Server 2008 storage space (minimum 1gb)
  • Decent control panel / admin tools
  • Knowledgable support
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I am currently hosting my .NET MVC site with ASPHostCentral and so far, everything works smoothly. The following are my main reasons in choosing this host:

  1. This host specialises in Windows and ASP.NET-based hosting only. IIS7, ASP.NET3.5, SQL 2008 are all Microsoft product and certainly, it will only work on Microsoft-based environment. I am looking for a host who truly focuses on Microsoft-based technology so that they can always keep up to date with the technology.

  2. I am not looking for a "bombastic, unreasonable, unlimited" hosting features, such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited everything whatsover. To me, all of these seems unreasoble as there is no such thing as unlimited stuffs. I am paying around $5 per month to ASPHostCentral just to get a decent, reasonble hosting feature with good uptime (and I receive this service very well)

  3. I have seen many positive feedbacks about this host from several forum members and articles. Initially, I had problem getting up my Silverlight 3 application on their server, but they can rapidly and flexibly adjust their server to suit my requirements.

  4. Excellent response time. I do not have to wait for days just to get a simple response.

As informed earlier, those are my main considerations in selecting this host, beside other "secondary" considerations, such as adequate disk space, domains, etc etc. I hope this can be useful to ya all....

Good luck!!!

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thanks for that mate, they look really good. – lobsterino Aug 17 '09 at 1:33
Is the database storage included in the "Disk Space"? – d1k_is Aug 17 '09 at 1:41

Your best bet is to go to and posting your requirements in the requests section as someone should be able to help you.

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Are very good.

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you can have all this for less than 20$ here give it a try.

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