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I have two networks configured in XenServer 6.2:

  • Production - Private Network
  • Management - Private Network

For each guest, I have two NIC's, one per network. None of the guests should have external network access, only inter-guest connectivity. Both NIC's are set to [internal] within XenCenter.

This all worked as planned with the default FreeBSD kernel using re0 and re1. Each guest could communicate with eachother, but none could access the outside network.

As soon as a recompiled my kernel with the XENHVM and rebooted, I was given two new interfaces, xn0 and xn1.

The new interfaces work exactly as expected, but on boot I noticed that re0 and re1 were pulling DHCP addresses from my external router which shouldn't happen. I double checked my settings in XenCenter, and there should be no public access. For some reason these two devices are able to access the outside network as if the nic was a bridge.

I can't for the life of me figure out why this is happening, and I'm not really sure of the best troubleshooting steps to take. Any and all advise appreciated!

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Seems to have resolved with the FreeBSD 10a4 release. Closing. –  David Houde Oct 17 '13 at 3:57

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