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Greetings, I have a problem with sharing of sheetfed scanner (Panasonic KV-S...). How can I network this type of USB device between multiple computers in our LAN? Our supplier recommends software tool USB to Ethernet Connector . Does anybody have any experience with this tool? Or maybe any other solution? Thanks...

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If you are able to connect it to a Linux box and if your scanner is supported, Sane ( has pretty good support for sharing scanners on a network. There is a windows client available, but I dont know if there is any server support ...

Good luck !

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I can recommend USBtoEthernet Connector, you can try its demo from product page, check wiki or contact developer support team if you have any questions…

** My usage scenario was in accessing USB under Hyper-V session and they even developed custom solution (secure backup over net) for my client.

Hope this helps)

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