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Get-QADComputer -NotLoggedOnFor 90 -SearchRoot ''

I would like to use a variable for the last OU ex:

Get-QADComputer -NotLoggedOnFor 90 -SearchRoot '$OU2'

I get an error "cannot resolve directory object" for the code directly above. Is there a way to use a variable in this manner or an outright better way to do this?

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In Powershell, single quotes ' indicates variable expansion should not happen within the string. You should try with the double quotes " instead:

Get-QADComputer -NotLoggedOnFor 90 -SearchRoot "$OU2"

From the docs:

PS C:\> Get-Help about_Quoting
    When you enclose a string in double quotation marks (a double-quoted
    string), variable names that are preceded by a dollar sign ($) are
    replaced with the variable's value before the string is passed to the
    command for processing.
    When you enclose a string in single-quotation marks (a single-quoted
    string), the string is passed to the command exactly as you type it.
    No substitution is performed.
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Thanks. I tried putting the actually variable in "" but not the whole string. – user179037 Sep 27 '13 at 16:32

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