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According to the OpenLDAP documentation, I'm supposed to patch Berkeley DB.

I've got Berkeley DB installed already, and I've found the patch files, but what do I do with them? They don't appear to be executable.

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you need to use patch command to apply patches to a source distribution and then recompile DB from sources

in a linux box you will need to do something like:

tar zxvf db-4.7.25.tar.gz

cd db-4.7.25

patch -p0 < patch.db-

patch -p0 < patch.db-

patch -p0 < patch.db-

patch -p1 < patch.db-

cd build_unix



make install

Note that you should pass relevant options to configure, i not sure what are requisites for OpenLDAP , but you are better asking in their forums

Regards, José Gutíerrez de la Concha

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