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i have trouble with HProxy and content switching. What i try to do:

i have one frontend which listens on

if the request is http://, it should be forwarded to backend portal if the request is http:// is should be forwarded to backend client

i tried to achieve that with ACLs and url_beg, but it will not work. Only the default backend works always

# Configuration for HTTP site
frontend http-in
        mode http
        bind *:80
        acl client path_beg /client
        acl portal path_beg /portal
        use_backend client if client
        use_backend portal if portal
        default_backend portal

backend client
        mode http
        balance source
        server client1 check
        server client2 check

backend portal
        mode http
        balance source
        server portal1 check
        server portal2 check
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