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I would like to create a Single Server private Network on a Xenserver which will be used for communication between the host and the VMs. I am able to achive this by creating a vlan and configuring the pif.

But when looking at the XenCenter, there is an explicit option to create such a network without the VLAN stuff. Where would I configure it using xe or Xencenter commands? I can see it in network-list, ifconfig and brctl, but where would I set the local IPs?

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There is way how to configure it via XenCenter Management console.

In networking > Add network > Single-Server Private Network

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Thank you, that is the way to create it in Xencenter. But it does not provide any configuration options. The point of my question is, if there is a Xenserver/Xencenter way of configuring (eg. set an IP for the Xen host) the Single-Server network. I am currently only able to do this, if I set up the network as an external network/VLAN instead of the Single-Server option. – Martin Oct 10 '13 at 14:59

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