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I have a Debian Wheezy server and several windows 7(sp1) & windows xp (sp3) clients.

The server has 2 network cards with eth0 the local internal. I am also running a dynamic DNS server on the Debian Wheezy server so the windows clients are all getting their ip addresses from this.

On booting the Windows 7 clients, a single martian entry is appearing in the debian server log for each client such as;

kernel: [ 76.123294] martian source from, on dev eth0

This doesn't happen for any of the windows xp clients but with all the windows 7.

I cannot find any problems with the configuration, though I understand this is usually the cause of martian entries. But then the windows xp clients are ok.

Just curious as to the cause and as to why it only happens to the windows 7 clients on booting.

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