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Domain Controller - Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Client OS - Window Server 2003 ( Terminal Server )

I am unable to ping my Active Directory Domain Name i.e corp.abc.com. ( Please see the print-screen )

I am successfully able to nslookup & ping my DC server ip address ( Please see the print-screen )enter image description here

I am also attaching print-screen of IP configuration. enter image description here

Can you tell me why i am unable to ping, but successfully able to resolve through nslookup command and also able to ping with DC server ip address

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Does it work if you ping some other server's FQDN (DNS name)? –  Alex Oct 1 '13 at 10:32

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Ping uses the DNS Client service and I think nslookup establishes a winsock connection. Try to stop DNS client service to see if it might help. Make sure you are trying to ping from a client that is joined with the ADC.

Use these commands to reset some of the network states:

As Torai suggested try to flush DNS resolver cache : ipconfig /flushdns
Reset TCP/IP stack to defaults : netsh int ip reset reset.log
Flush routing table : route /f (reboot required)
Reset WINSOCK entries to defaults : netsh winsock reset catalog

I hope that helps.

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I had an issue like this recently turned out to be the netbios cache was out of date.

Try flushing it using

nbtstat -R

then ping again


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You probably need to flush your DNS. nslookup is going to the server for it, but local DNS has it cached.

ipconfig /flushdns
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