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I have set up a Room Resource mailbox on Exchange 2013 and am trying to get the calendar to display in OSX's calendar app. I have granted free/busy permissions to Group A and set the default to none and anonymous to none.

User A who is a member of Group A on OSX 10.8.5 can see the room resources displayed in Calendar similar to here.

User B who is also a member of Group A on OSX 10.8.5 does not get a list in Calendar. User B can access the calendar using Outlook 2011.

Users C through Z are also like User B.

Is there some special check box I am missing to get it working for Users B through Z?

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I've never had luck with Apple's software (iCal, Calendar, iOS) working well with Rooms in MS Exchange (any version.) However, you could try the steps outlined HERE. MS Outlook 2011 usually works okay, though.

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Turns out the issue was the contacts syncing was not checked. Once we checked contacts syncing for the exchange account, Users B-Z can see the room listings.

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