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It's seems that vCenter alarms traps are sent in SNMPv1 only. I would like to receive it as SNMPv2. Is it possible to configure the version use by vCenter (I'm using version 5.0.0) ? I can configure receiver but not the version.


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I'm pretty sure v2c is the default, but technically it is pretty much identical (adds 64 bit counters) and configured at the same time/same place as v1. So configuring SNMP (non v3) in vCenter should enable both v1 and v2c jointly.

The KB articles to configure SNMP are here: for v1/v2c.

You can test with something like Paessler's SNMP test tool and choose v2c in the tool to verify connectivity:

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You are right about querying in v2. But, my problem is the trap that is sent from vCenter (alarm trigger). I'm trying to create a trap receiver in c# using SnmpSharpNet library. The library tells me it's a v1 trap. Receiving trap from Fortigate appliance tells me it's a v2. So I assume the library is ok. Since you are saying they are pretty much the same, I'll check furthermore. – sbrisson Oct 2 '13 at 16:30
If this answers the question you posted, please accept it as the answer so the question doesn't go stale. Thanks! – TheCleaner Oct 2 '13 at 17:56

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