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My school will get one small cluster for Matlab. The cluster will run Linux and "MDCS" - MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (http://www.mathworks.com/products/distriben/).

I'm "trying" to understand how to submit "batch" jobs to the cluster (e.g. from the unix command line). (Mean jobs what are using parallel programming constructions like parfor - many workers per running job).

While searching the internet about this, I found many different "implementations" and systems, like:

  • PBS (Portable Batch system)
  • Torque
  • Condor, (HTCondor), Bosco
  • Sun Grid
  • pMatlab

and like - but unfortunately NO ONE EXPLAINING for WHAT i NEED THEM.

Probably my searching (and english) skill is bad, and need some REALLY (DUMMY) SIMPLE explanation / answer / hint for the next questions:

  1. For what someone needs Pbs/Torque or any system listed above? The MDCS itself is NOT ENOUGH to handle BATCH job sumbissions?
  2. What I need to submit several BATCH jobs to "matlab-cluster with MDCS" - from the command line? (e.g. from the unix shell) - looking for and method without additional software packages - if it is possible
  3. some links to basic explanation of the above problem would be helpful

Hm.. seems here is no tag "matlab" - so probably asking on the wrong place. But superuser is for "home computing" and "stackoverflow" for programming - haven't idea to where to post this question.

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