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I've been reading up on the Proftpd software for use with a MySQL database to use in a software project I am developing. I've noticed that a "group" table is required. I've read through the documentation looking for an explanation as to why this is needed but, alas, have found none.

I don't know much about the specifics of FTP, or how Proftpd works, but can understand that the group name field may be needed for something however can't understand why I have to input the group members, again, after already putting them in another table. It seems unnecessary to me to do this. It makes the user have to execute two SQL queries to add the one user.

I've looked in to the documentation and found out that I could use custom quires and setup a custom group table layout excluding the members field. But then, it's likely, I would have to conjure up a complex SQL query. This seems all to complex for, what I think, is a design flaw.

So, my question, is basically, why is this table here and is it required for the software to run as expected if it were?

P.S. I wasn't sure what website to post this on (Stack Overflow, Super User, etc), but this one seemed appropriate enough.

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