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I have an Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS machine joined to a Windows 2012 Domain (DomA) via Likewise-open. I configured likewise using the following commands

domainjoin-cli join test.org <Domain admin>
auth-client-config -t pam-password -p kerberos_example

With this configuration SSO for ssh works within the domain. The problem occurs when users from a trusted domain (DomB which is trusted by DomA via a one way outgoing A->B forrest trust) try to log in using ssh. The tgs is correctly request and shows up when tpying


on the client host. But the auth.log on the Ubuntu server shows Got no client credentials However users from the trusted domain are able to login via

password interactive

authentication method. So I am clueless what could cause such strange behaviour and would be grateful for any help provided :)

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