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I have one elastix server installed and working properly. Now we need to create some outbound routes with PIN. I created the outbound route with PINSET, but dont know how to add extensions to this route.

Cusom-Context option not included in this version of elastix, i tried to install but installation failed.

Can someone help to add the outbound context in with PIN for 0 dialing.

Thanks In Advance

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1)You have to make Free-PBX abailable. To do this, under securtity->advanced allow free pbx 2) Download Custom-Context module 3) Upload custom context module using administration tools under free pbx 4) Install custom context module using also administration tools 5) Create your outbound routes in elastix /free-pbx 6) Use custom context to customize outbound routes. 7) Under elastix->pbx->extensions, choose the appropiate custom context for the extension.

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