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Since file upload module exited in nginx 1.2.1 but omitted since 1.3.x, I'd like to downgrade current nginx 1.4.2 on Debian squeeze to 1.2.1, so that I can easily have the module. I am wondering what is the easiest wat to do the downgrade. Also I'd like to know whether it would have some serious security drawbacks and hence not advised.

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a similar question, How can I install apache with a specific version?

here's the copypasta:

You need to do the following:

apt-cache showpkg

The above command will display list of available versions for this package. Then select the needed version and do the following.

apt-get install <packagename>=<complete version name>


apt-cache showpkg apache2
apt-get install apache2=2.2.14-5ubuntu8.7
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There are at least two medium vulnerabilities for 1.2.1. I would advise against it. Source:

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