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I followed the Migrate SBS 2008 to SBS 2011 guide which worked well. However RedirectedFolders haven't migrated over properly - Windows 7 workstations are still actively connecting to the old RedirectedFolders shared folder on an old file server, as well as the new RedirectedFolders shared folder on the new SBS server.

Can someone please assist?

Group Policies were updated under User Configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings -> Folder Redirection, using the following settings for required folders.

Folder Redirection, Desktop Properties

Folder Redirection, Desktop Properties

Below is a screenshot of one user's two RedirectedFolders, with the new server on the right. As you can see the old server's RedirectedFolders are being updated (Desktop, My Docs etc), but the new server isn't.

RedirectedFolders on old server and new server

On the Windows 7 workstations, event logs are seen: ID 502 "Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Desktop" to "\New-Server\RedirectedFolders\User\Desktop". Redirection options=0x80001021.".

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Have you tried running gpupdate /force in an administrative command prompt on the win7 machines?

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