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I've this issue: I've configured a VPN on my private network at work. Is all configured on a ISA Server 2006. When I try to connect (trough VPN) with a PC I have not problem. With the same configuration (and the same ISA Server rule) on my MacBook I cannot ping to any internal servers. Note: all works fine! I can navigate over internet, i can do everything on external address but if i try to ping (or simply connect) to an internal machine, the connection fails. Someone have some ideas? Thank you.

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Did you install the VPN certificate (if used by your org) on the MAC? And if so, is it the right one? –  Colyn1337 Oct 8 '13 at 17:08
Thanks for the reply. No I'm not use a certificate. I told that with this same configuration my notebook with Windows 8 makes a connection to the VPN without problems.... (also makes a connection between Outlook and my exchange server). Now is late but tomorrow I want to test to change the ip addresses of my DHCP server in way to assign 10.0.0.x to my macbook and try to connect to the VPN that has the 192.168.1.x class. I will update you! –  Blasco73 Oct 8 '13 at 18:35

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Ok I've found solution..... As I told yesterday, I've changed the IP range of my DHCP Server (to 10.0.0.xxx) and now I can make ping to my VPN (192.168.1.XXX). Probably the solution was also to make a route via terminal, but I don't know how!!!

Anyway... now it's working and I'm happy!!

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