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Is there a way to set cache related header for a specific file type in II6? We want to turn off cache on all our *.js and *.css file here, but IIS6 is forcing us to do a all or nothing approach.

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For each folder containing the files you want to cache, open it's properties page, and under the HTTP Headers tab, set expiration date to something like 2050-12-31

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If you want to disable cache (which the OP does), you need to set the expiry to a date less than today (say, yesterday, or 1990 or something) – Mark Henderson Nov 11 '09 at 1:21

You can set caching for individual files in IIS6 by right-clicking the file in the Content pane, going to Properties and setting the cache settings, or as rodiaz suggested, doing it to an entire folder.

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