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When creating a VPN interface through the AWS Management Interface, the source and tunnel IP addresses are chosen by AWS (in this example to and

Is there a way to define these addresses, or change them after a VPC/VPN is created?

(Excerpts below from the VPN Configuration File)

! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
! #3: Tunnel Interface Configuration
interface Tunnel1
  ip address
  ip virtual-reassembly
  tunnel source XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
  tunnel destination XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
  tunnel mode ipsec ipv4
  tunnel protection ipsec profile ipsec-vpn-89469497-0
  ! This option causes the router to reduce the Maximum Segment Size of
  ! TCP packets to prevent packet fragmentation.
  ip tcp adjust-mss 1387 
  no shutdown


! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
! #4 Static Route Configuration
ip sla 100
   icmp-echo source-interface Tunnel1
   timeout 1000
   frequency 5
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