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I have an embedded computer that uses GPRS to access the outside world. I have several applications that run on the local network. I also have an application that communicates over the loopback interface. The machine is using the GPRS data at an alarming rate. Data usage went back to normal when I stopped the applications that talk to each other on the local network and loopback interface.

The machine is also running dnsmasq for a dhcp server.

The only thing I can think of that might be causing the high data usage is a script I made to make dnsmasq and the gprs over ppp0 work together. The script just does this:

/sbin/route del default
/sbin/route add -net 0/0 ppp0

Any idea what could be causing the high data usage or why it stops using so much data when I stop the applications that talk on the local network or loopback interface?

Thanks for your help.

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