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I have a SBS2011 domain and Windows 7 laptops. I created a user on the domain, set a temporary password and ticked the box to force the user to change password at next logon.

Sit at the user's desk today, enter her current password to logon, Windows says the user's password must be changed, click ok to proceed to the change password screen, but the "current password" and "new password" boxes do not appear; just a box that says "password" i.e the logon screen looks no different to the standard windows logon screen. Assuming this is all it needs to change the password, I enter a new password, but Windows says it's incorrect. Also, enter her current password and it says it doesn't meet the complexity requirements.

Untick box to force her to change password and can logon fine and can reset password via AD users & computers. I've removed the PC from the domain and deleted the Computer's account and rejoined the PC to the domain, but it makes no difference.

Logged on as the domain admin, did GPUpdate/Force, logged off, restarted, no change.

It was working on Friday when I logged on as her to customise her Outlook profile, as I set a temp password, changed it when forced, then reset password to a default one when I finished at her desk and ticked the box to force her to change it today (Monday) when she starts work, but before I went home for the weekend I left Windows Updates installing, so this could be a possibility. Latest Windows Updates are now installed and have restarted a few times; no luck. I can change the password when logging on as the user from my PC, so this seems to be a machine specific issue. Anyone have any ideas besides the whole re-install Windows thing? is there a utility that can repair the logon screen for example please? (if it is broken). The machine is Windows 7 Pro SP1.

Any help gratefully received

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Sounds like an update hosed the OS. Might have to rebuild the system. – CIA Oct 10 '13 at 13:37
Thanks. I was hoping that wouldn't have to happen. – Karl Oct 23 '13 at 10:12

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