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Does Windows 2008 R2 have BlueTooth support? I know with some persuasion you could get 2008 to support it, but it was always ropey.

I'm going to use it as a development OS, but have BT keyboard and mouse - which work perfectly in the 7 RC...


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As far as I know it doesn't. Bluetooth technology is aimed at the consumer end, not the "enterprise" end.

You could install Server 2008 R2 as a VM instead, then it wouldn't matter. You'd also be able to take and revert snapshot of your server, which would likely be quite useful for a dev environment.

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Well, looks like I'm stuck on Win7 for the time being. Thanks all. – Kieron Aug 15 '09 at 13:27

If you google about a bit it seems that the frig to get it working on 2008 isn't working in the latest release of R2 - doesn't mean it won't when it's released but not just yet.

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Workaround? here..

I have two BT dongles, one Motorola and one Surecom. The Moto never worked, even trying to modify the drivers... and this Surecome (and no other PN or SN) worked like a charm with... TOSHIBA's drivers, v. 7.00.10, for XP/Vista/7 x64, which I have download from here
The installation requires you to reboot your server and after the restart you have a 100% BT enabled server.


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