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I'm running CentOS 6 with cPanel and Exim. Spamassassin headers are showing up in email but I can't use spamassassin commands in terminal.

# spamassassin
-bash: spamassassin: command not found
# spamd
-bash: spamd: command not found

I have tried running as root as well.

I have tried restarting exim and spamd, and it successfully shows shutting down of the services.

Should I try to install via yum? I'm afraid to end up with 2 copies of the software.

Thank you for any solutions.

EDIT: Alos, sa-learn commands returning not found

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They're probably just not in your $PATH environment variable. Find them with

find / -name spamassassin

then invoke using the full path and/or add the folder to $PATH.

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As root, execute the cpanel script that will identify the spamassassin path for you.


Running CentOS 6.5 my executable is located here:


You can also get a lot of good information about where spamassassin "stuff" lives by running

locate spamassassin
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