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I'm looking for server type motherboards that have more than 2 processor sockets.

Where can I find these types of boards?

Edit - Prefer Intel Xeon based if possible, however, AMD Opteron is ok too.

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Simple answer: In a shop selling them. Check SuperMicro and Tyan for the usual suspects for high quality boards ;) – TomTom Apr 26 '10 at 8:21

Your best bet would be to look at manufacturers such as and or even directly (link for Intel server boards) then typing the model number into either Google or whatever price comparison website you use.

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Going back to Newegg you can check the link below, if you look at the description the motherboard you are looking(Intel) for will be listed as having Dual LGA ***, all .

Newegg Link

BTW, I have purchased before from Newegg before without any problem.

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aren't those dual socket motherboards? – pQd Aug 15 '09 at 19:53

Everyone has mentioned Newegg, so I'll add another vendor: has a wide array of server boards both Xeon and Opteron.

You could try using Google's product search and use to get some history on the vendors themselves.

Keep in mind, quad core boards typically aren't suited to fit full ATX cases. They're usually customized for that vendor's case products (Supermicro and Tyan come to mind).

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Quad boards are commonly Extended ATX, which is hard to find in a normal chassis (some server chassis are). The 8 processor boards all require a custom case (the ones I've seen anyway). – Chris S Apr 26 '10 at 13:03
I've seen most Quad (CPU) boards in SSI/CEB form factor, not E-ATX. Unless SSI/CEB is synonymous with E-ATX, I don't think it's possible to fit 4 or more CPUs on an E-ATX sized board or at the very least, it's very rare to see quad cpu boards in an E-ATX form factor. – osij2is Apr 26 '10 at 19:56

try your luck at - they have some quad-socket motherboards. probably you'll be buying tyan / supermicro / intel server platforms.

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Thank pQd. Do you happen to know of any that accept the Intel Xeon series processors? All of the ones on newegg take AMD's Opteron. – user6848 Aug 15 '09 at 18:59
you can find some older quad-socket motherboards for intel cpus at . you can google for shops that sell it. if that does not satisfy you - i'm afraid you'll have to go for ready-built server like dell r900. – pQd Aug 15 '09 at 19:51

Not sure you really do these days. Such motherboards are usually sold as a complete product like HP DL500 - as the form factor required to fit this isn't exactly a consumer specification.

If Intels dual-socket Skulltrail requires Extended ATX and Asus recently announced the first dual-socket current-generation Intel motherboard that fits into ATX - a quad-socket variant in those form factors seems unlikely even though AMD versions in SWTX exists.

Here're some examples of Supermicro boards though, they're listed as having a "Proprietary" form factor with custom chassis available ^^

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