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I've been trying to find a solution to this for hours now, I was up till late last night also trying. We have around 70 servers in the US in various datacenters (rented) that run IPMI on a private network. We have login information for them, and currently I use a VPS on the network with VNC+Desktop installed to access the other machines IPMI as I am able to access the private network. However I am finding this solution too bloated and not really very good.

All the VPN's have their own /30 private LAN allocations somewhere in 10.8..

I have tried setting up an OpenVPN server with the following types of configuration:

push "route" route

then in cdd/client1


However I am still unable to connect to the IPMI when connected. I have forwarded packets and configured IPTables. However the odd thing is, in the routing table there is no mention of the network and when tracerouting on the remote machine it goes via its own IPMI GW IP to get onto the LAN, yet there is no interface on the OS (ifconfig) with that.

Failing setting up OpenVPN I used PuTTy to setup a SSH Tunnel, which I could then use to connect to the IPMI web page, however because the IPMI Console required UDP 623 and tunneling cannot do that easily I am stuck again. There seems to be many options to make UDP covert to travel via TCP the go back to UDP however all of these require a UNIX system both sides. Unfortunately I am running on a windows based machine myself.

Has anyone got any suggestions for me on something else I can try, or if I have overlooked something?


Managed to get this to work by using PPTP instead of OpenVPN. Also note that if you're following tutorials that you make sure the iptables rules you copy from the tutorial use the same interface as you. For example in the datacenters we're in they use eth1 as the main interface as eth0 as the private IPMI interface, I had to use eth1 for my iptables rules.

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