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If I use SRIOV capable adapter for virtualization, and setup 2 different LACP links in 2 guests, so there may be 2 LACP links on the same ports on switch side, can switch handle this case?

For example:

switch port 0 <=> adapter port 0

PF(Host): eth0

VF1(Guest1-eth0): LACP team 1

VF2(Guest2-eth0): LACP team 2


switch port 1 <=> adapter port 1

PF(Host): eth1

VF1(Guest1-eth1): LACP team 1

VF2(Guest2-eth1): LACP team 2

Thanks in advance.

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You'll need to disable spoof checking on your SR-IOV switches. When you bond the interfaces in the guests, the bond changes the interface MAC. An SR-IOV switch usually drops any frames which are not from its own PF or VFs. This is called spoof check.

Other than that, this should work fine.

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